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Ayano Aishi
Ayano Portrait.png

Student Info
Alias Yan-chan


Role Protagonist


Occupation Waitress
(part-time job, optional)
Class 2-1
Club Determinant
Persona Devoted
Crush Taro Yamada/Taeko Yamada
(determinant if Taeko is available in the final game)
Strength Determinant
(determinant on Physical Education)
Appears Week 0
Voice Michaela Laws (main)

Moesaurus (Yandere laugh)

Ayano Aishi (a.k.a Yandere-chan or Yan-chan) is the main playable protagonist in Yandere Simulator and the main antagonist in the spin-off minigame, Yandere no Sutoka. Her goal is to eliminate 10 rivals who have a special interest in her Senpai.


YandereDev originally did not want to name Ayano, as he believed that a name was unimportant [citation needed], but he later changed his mind.

One of YandereDev's first ideas about Yandere-chan's name was that it could mean "Murder", for which he suggested Satsu Jinsha or Jinsha Satsu.[1]

However, he resigned from this idea, and decided that her name would include "yan" in it somewhere.[2] He leaned towards Ayano, because there are fewer Google searches for that name.[3]

Ayano is nicknamed "Yan-chan" by other students (probably by "yan" in "Ayano" and not because of "Yandere-chan"), but teachers will refer to her by either her surname or full name.[3]

Her name "Ayano" in Japanese is written as あやの in hiragana (アヤノ in katakana). In kanji, it is either 綾乃, with 綾 (aya) that means "figure", "design", "twill", or "pattern of diagonal stripes",[4] or 彩乃, with 彩 (aya), that means "color", both with 乃 (no), which is a possessive particle.[5]

Her surname "Aishi" is a combination of kanji 愛 (Ai) that means "Love", and 死 (Shi) that means "Death".[6] "Aishi" is also an actual Japanese name, but rather than being ended with 死, is more often ended with 志 (Shi) that means "Purpose", "Will", "Determination", "Aspiration", or "Ambition";思 (Shi) that means "Think"; or 詩 (Shi) that means "Poetry" or "Poem".[7]


Main Article: Intros

Current Intro

Ayano monologues about her life, explaining that she has always felt "hollow" and "empty". She reveals that her mother, Ryoba Aishi, also felt this way until she met Jokichi Yudasei, who awakened feelings in her. Ryoba related this to Ayano, impressing on her that same experience would happen to her as well. Ayano states that she has spent her life dreaming about this moment, waiting for the love that will "cure", "fix", and "save" her. The moment of when Ayano encountered her Senpai, Taro Yamada, it is shown where that he brought color, emotions, and hope to her life, thus ending her grey and emotionless life. Ayano is initially ecstatic until the appearance of Osana Najimi, a rival, which sends her into a rage. Ayano says that Osana cannot appreciate Senpai in way that she does and resolves to keep Senpai to herself – even if that means hurting or killing Osana. She ends by stating that "He will be mine. He doesn't have a choice."

The intro then crossfades into text message sequence from the second intro, in which Info-chan reveals herself to Ayano and gives her information on Osana, including her plans to confess her love to Senpai. Info-chan establishes the Panty Shot system with Ayano and ends with a wish for Osana to suffer.

Old Intros

First Intro

In the first intro, after expressing how disappointed she is with her current love life, Ayano has a dream about her ideal lover, 'Senpai', the night before her second year of school. That morning, she loses track of time and leaves for school late. She crashes into someone who looks identical to the person she saw in her dreams. When she sees him, she instantly falls in love, and concludes that their meeting is fate. She then sees him being scolded by his childhood friend, Osana Najimi, and plans to get rid of her.

Ayano then meets a mysterious girl named Info-chan, who asked by phone to meet her in (the now removed) Classroom 3-3. Info-chan tells her about the panty shot system and asks her to kill others around school so that her newspaper will sell better. Ayano has serious doubts about this, not wanting to do anything that horrible, but considers the idea after being told that Osana will confess her love for Senpai that Friday, under cherry tree behind school.

This cutscene is no longer in current versions of game; however, it can be seen in four parts on YandereDev's YouTube channel. As of August 15th, 2015 Build, the second intro was implemented.

Second Intro

In second intro, Ayano talks to herself about her Senpai, Taro Yamada. She says she had felt no emotions at all until she met him, and now feels envy and rage towards someone who is apparently trying to take him from her. Ayano says she wants to kill this person, and that there is not a single thing she would not do for him. The text message cutscene with Info-chan then plays.

As of June 15th, 2019 Build, the first part of this intro is no longer in the game, having been replaced by current intro. The text message portion has had minor changes as of June 1st, 2020 Build.

Appearance (Default)

Main Article: Customization

Hairstyle and uniform drafts of Ayano.[8]

Ayano Aishi has pale skin, dark grey eyes, and straight, long black hair. She stands at a height of 165 cm (5 ft 5 in), weighs 43.5 kg (96 lbs), [9] and has average-sized breasts. [10] Her hair is tied into a high ponytail with sharp bangs swept to the right, the middle one being the most prominent, and two strands of hair that frame her face, reaching to her shoulders. As of August 15, 2019 build, she can purchase dye and bleach her hair blonde, in order to meet one of the requirements for joining the delinquents. In the future, the she may gain a new ponytail, which will be very similar to her current hairstyle but is an original asset.[11]

Ayano is seen wearing a white and navy blue sailor uniform shirt with a red mini scarf, a matching navy blue skirt, black thigh high socks, and black shoes. Unless changed into indoor shoes which are white with blue on the tip. Her uniform can be customized. In all uniforms, she wears black thigh high socks.

She is the only character (besides Senpai) seen wearing the official uniform Yandere Dev wants to use. Consisting of a white button-up, long-sleeved shirt, red ribbon, and blue dress. She keeps her black thigh high socks and black shoes.

When in town Ayano will wear a teal-green shirt, blue denim skirt, black thigh high socks, black gloves, and sneakers. She wears the same outfit in the Driving Your Rivals To Murder video.

When visibly insane, Ayano will become hunched over, twitch erratically, have dilated pupils, and the top half of her face will cast a dark shadow. If she has murdered a student, her uniform and rest of her body will become bloody.

When Yandere Vision is active, Ayano's body will be outlined in black[12], and her eyes will be fully red.

Ayano's original concept design by Aea.[13]

There used to be an Easter Egg where if she ran into the Phantom Girl which used to be at the Confession Tree located behind the school, she would be wearing a red and black version of the default uniform. This was removed, however, after being reported countless times as a "bug".[14]

There are several other Easter Eggs that alter her appearance, those being 47 Mode, Bad Time Mode, Bancho Mode, Blade Hair Mode, Cirno Mode, Cyborg Mode, DK Mode, Ebola Mode, Falcon Mode, Galo Mode, Garbage Mode, Hateful Mode, Punch Mode, Huntress Mode, Punished Mode, Slender Mode, Titan Mode, Tornado Mode, Witch Mode, X Mode, Hunger Mode, Medusa Mode, Gazer Mode, Yandere-kun, and Ship Girl Mode. Easter Eggs that don't alter her appearance are Bad Romance Mode, a mode where a Stand from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure follows player around, and Spooky Mode, a mode where every female NPC turns into a skeleton.

The player can change her appearance by altering the streaming assets folder. The player can currently give her different hairstyles by pressing H key. The player can give her eye-wear accessories using the P key. They can also give her random miscellaneous accessories using O key. < and > keys decrease/increase her bust size.

In the final game, Ayano's hair will not be customizable during gameplay [15], unless player goes to small town's barbershop.

Ayano's blue counterpart model, Aoi Kiryu, can be bought in the Unity Asset store.

When she is a delinquent, her hair will be blonde and she will wear a mask.

When she can join the Student Council she will have the red and white uniform worn by all of the Student Council.


Ayano Aishi is the protagonist of Yandere Simulator. She is known as "Yandere-chan" to players of the game, and has been given the cute nickname "Yan-chan" by her classmates.

Since early childhood, Ayano has suffered from an inexplicable, incurable condition. In short, this condition leaves her with a perpetual sense of being empty, hollow, and incomplete. As a result, she has never been able to experience satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness, and has not been able to experience emotions in the same capacity as other people. As she grew older, she learned to pretend to be a normal person in order to avoid drawing negative attention from others, but was never able to feel any degree of empathy towards other human beings.

Ayano attends a post-highschool academy called "Akademi." On the first day of her second year at Akademi, Ayano came into physical contact with a young man named Taro Yamada. In that moment, she gained the ability to experience everything that had been missing from her life; she felt complete, she felt fulfilled, and she felt powerful emotions. Meeting Taro was like seeing color for the first time, hearing music for the first time, and feeling warmth for the first time. In his presence, she felt overwhelmed with euphoria...but, as soon as they were apart, the feelings of emptiness returned. After just one meeting, Ayano had become hopelessly addicted to Taro's presence, and came to rely on him in order to feel alive.

Then, Ayano saw something horrible...something that terrified her and infuriated her at the same time. It was a young woman who clearly had deep feelings for Taro. If Taro entered a relationship with this girl, then Ayano might lose him forever...

Without a moment's hesitation, Ayano knew exactly what had to be done. This girl - her rival - had to be eliminated as soon as possible, by any means necessary, no matter what the cost.


First Intro

In first intro cutscene, Ayano seemed to have feelings, and wasn't such a potential criminal; she was coaxed into it by Info-chan and was apprehensive of idea of killing another person. She was simply a lovesick schoolgirl who wanted a boyfriend. She didn't even seem to consider killing Osana before Info-chan brought it up. This personality, however, is outdated and is stated by YandereDev himself that it does not correctly characterize her true nature.

Second Intro

In the second intro, Ayano is instead very emotionless, apathetic, and speaks with a deadpan expression. She would do anything to prevent people from obtaining Senpai, even if it meant killing them.

Ayano when around Senpai. February 20th, 2018.


Ayano suffers from a fictional type of insanity.[16] This condition doesn't allow her to experience normal, strong feelings. She had been this way since as far back as she could remember,[17] before meeting Taro Yamada for the first time. Ayano doesn't have the ability to feel emotions, empathy, or remorse. She doesn't feel guilt or shame for harming others.[18] However, she can feel pity at times.[19] She knows what the general people consider to be "wrong", but she just doesn't care.[20]

Ayano's behavior does not perfectly match the definition of either a sociopath or psychopath, but she is capable of actions that only a psychopath would consider taking--being usually bold and egotistical.[21] She doesn't see the point of fighting students non-lethally (besides the delinquents) because they will just report her to the teachers.[22] She is also capable of nonviolent elimination methods in order to cause less trouble for Senpai or to run less of a risk of getting caught while doing something violent.[23]

Ayano's "hobby" is trying to convince everyone around her that she is a normal girl with normal feelings. She buys manga, plays video games, and rides a bike to project the image of a regular school girl. However, she doesn't enjoy any of it.[24]

Overall, Ayano is a blank slate whose personality is determined by the player's actions and choices, but all players have the capacity to commit each of the possible actions in the game.[25] She isn't incredibly talkative by default and will only speak when necessary.[26]


Initially Ayano is very weak as she has not honed any skills. However, she has a great amount of stamina as she can run indefinitely and is quicker than other students. She also has the strength to take down a regular student in one hit and move heavy dumpsters, which can be filled with trash and corpses, without getting tired. As of the August 15th, 2016 Build, YandereDev implemented the "Sanity-based Killing Animation" for Ayano, which allows her to stealth kill students. As of April 26, 2018 build containing the delinquents, Ayano can use a hand-to-hand combat system to fight in a one-on-one duel with the delinquents or potentially a rival.[27]

Ayano will not have any supernatural powers other than Yandere Vision, but even then her Yandere Vision is essentially just keen senses.[28] She also can pickpocket others. As of the April 15th, 2016 Build, her giggle now attracts the attention of other students, causing them to follow the noise to its source. As of the March 6th, 2018 Build, Ayano can use a mirror to adopt several different outward personas that will allow her to gain benefits from students she fits in with. She knows how to torture a student to their breaking point in at least 40 hours.

Ayano can take classes to learn how to tranquilize a student, become stronger, run even faster, take down a teacher (an ability implemented as of August 15th, 2016 Build), and more upcoming abilities when the rest of the classes are implemented. If Ayano reads enough manga volumes, then she is able to seduce males and females or become numb enough that her sanity hardly decreases when killing students.

Ayano currently has an unrealistically large inventory. Although she can only conceal three weapons, she can still simultaneously carry around fifteen manga novels, twelve cassette tapes, a bottle of tranquilizer, an answer sheet, a bottle of poison, Saki Miyu's bra, Ryuto Ippongo's headband, a modified uniform, a pack of cigarettes, her phone, and notes. YandereDev has stated that it is just one of those video game instances where some items take up space and others don't really matter.[29] The player will eventually be able to view her inventory.[30]

By the end of the game, Ayano will be extremely strong, as she has unlocked all skills available. Because of this, only a Yandere girl with supernatural powers could defeat her at this point.[31] Ayano will be able to kill almost any NPC she comes across.[32] However, there may be some exceptions to this. When police are added, she can't kill them because if they started dying, the school would have to be closed.[33][34]


Ayano's sanity begins at 100%, though if the player performs actions including killing people, pushing them off the roof, etc, her sanity will decrease. Her killing animations change based on her sanity level. It takes longer amounts of time to kill someone when she is insane, and a short time if her sanity is at 100%. The player can raise her sanity to 100% again by doing certain activities, such as being in Senpai's proximity or laughing hysterically.

If Senpai sees Ayano insane (dark shadow, walking strangely), he will automatically think that she's an insane psychopath, and will reject her, causing an instant "game over". Her reputation will also decrease if more people see her as insane. Another way to get a "game over" while insane is when people see her true nature when she is walking around visibly insane, her reputation will decrease and rumors will be spread around to school. Those rumors will eventually reach Senpai, warning him of her true intentions. He will then think Ayano is an unhinged person and will stay away from her. This will result in an automatic game over.


Ayano was born on 1st April,[35] to Ryoba Aishi and Jokichi Yudasei. Ayano was born with the same condition as her mother, grandmother, and all of her female ancestors had. Her description states "this condition leaves her with a perpetual sense of being empty, hollow, and incomplete. As a result, she has never been able to experience satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness, and has not been able to experience emotions in the same capacity as other people. As she grew older, she learned to pretend to be a normal person in order to avoid drawing negative attention from others, but was never able to feel any degree of empathy towards other human beings".

As revealed in an Intro and in a Yandere-chan's childhood video, Ryoba told Ayano at some point that she was exactly like her when she was a child, and that, one day, she'd meet someone special who will "complete" her, just like she did. However, she never told her what she did in the past, as she promised Jokichi to never do it.[36] Because Ryoba always knew about Ayano's condition, she didn't worry about her at all, but Jokichi desperately wanted to help their daughter, which included taking her to hospitals, doctors, and on examinations. Ryoba tried to explain to Jokichi condition of their daughter, but he didn't want to listen to her words until Ayano began to pretend to be "normal".

As revealed in a childhood lesson video, Ryoba kept the promise that she gave to Jokichi, but she still found ways to "teach" Ayano how to get away with murder. At some point during Ayano's early childhood, when they both were making dinner together, Ryoba "accidentally" cut her finger with a knife. She asked Ayano to clean up the blood while she was bandaging herself, and after Ayano did so, Ryoba informed her that the blood was still there. She then took luminol from the shelf next to her and sprayed the place where blood was. Afterwards, Ryoba turned off the lights and showed that the blood was still there using a blacklight. She then sprinkled the area with peroxide, and this time, the blacklight didn't show any blood where it was before. This way, Ryoba taught Ayano how to clean up blood after murder.

During Ayano's middle school years, Ryoba expressed that she would be happy if Ayano would go to the school that she and her husband attended-- Akademi . She felt that she would meet her "someone special" there, just like she did. Ayano decided to fulfill her mother's wishes, with the hope she would finally feel satisfaction. After focusing on her learning intensely she was accepted to Akademi, but did not feel any of the satisfaction she wanted: instead, she focused on the idea she would never be normal like other people. The following year, both her parents took a ten-week vacation to America.

Some time afterwards, Ayano bumps into Senpai in the hallway and immediately experiences emotions and a sense of completion. She then finds out about his childhood friend, Osana Najimi, who has a crush on him. Ayano expresses intense jealousy and anger over this, as she feels Senpai is hers. After stalking them for a while, she receives texts from Info-chan, who reveals Osana's crush and that she plans on confessing this to him on Friday. The idea of killing Osana forms and the game begins shortly after.


Taro Yamada

Main Article: Taro Yamada

Before meeting Taro, Ayano was just drifting through life without any purpose.[37] She only met Senpai a few days before the beginning of the game[38], having enhanced feelings in his presence for the first time in her life.[39] She changes because she no longer cares about right or wrong as she did before the encounter.[18]

Ayano acts perverted and lovesick toward Senpai, wanting to go into the Boys' Shower Room to admire him.[40] and enjoys trying meals that she has seen Senpai eating because it makes her feel closer to him.[39] She appreciates anything that makes him happy.[41][42] Even so, what Ayano feels isn't lust or a crush, but more like seeing color in a grey world.[43] In fact, it might not even be romantic, since Senpai just seems to give her new sensations.[44] Ayano would love to confess to Senpai under the Confession Tree one day.[45] If she ever lost Senpai's love, or if she got rejected by Senpai, YandereDev could imagine her crying over it.[46]

Ayano explaining herself in the Befriending cutscene. June 1st, 2016.

If she ever accidentally hurt Senpai, Ayano would feel a mixture of depressed emotions. However, she is okay with traumatizing Senpai in order to eliminate a rival.[47] If Senpai ever committed suicide because of her, she would do the same.[48]

If Senpai died in an accident or due to disease, Ayano would fall into a deep depression and in a coma-like state. She would refuse to eat and would eventually starve to death. If Senpai died due to murder, Ayano wouldn't rest until she was 100% sure she had killed Senpai's murderer in most painful way possible. Then, she would gradually fall into a depression-coma.[49] If she knew who did already died, she also would feel a cross between deep hatred and total, hollow emptiness.[50]

Ayano would not object to anything that would make Senpai happy, as long as it isn't another girl. Because of that, Senpai could use her if he wanted. However, if he ever insulted Ayano, she would punish him and might even break him to fit her ideals.[51] She might mind-break him in an ending.[52]

Ryoba Aishi

Main Article: Ryoba Aishi

Ayano is indifferent to both her parents.[53] She believes that her mother is a kind, pure, warm, gentle, and innocent lady. [54] Her mother loves her dearly[55] because Ayano is the physical manifestation of love between herself and her husband. [56] Ryoba knows about her daughter's nonexistent emotions and heeds it no mind. She told her daughter that someone would complete her one day. [57][58] If she saw Ayano in a relationship, she would be happy to see that her daughter had found "love".[59]

Ryoba subtly taught Ayano how to avoid being caught in case she decides to commit murder. YandereDev has said that in the game's future skirt inventory, the skirt was made by Ryoba and was given to Ayano, who declined, seeing no use for it. However, after meeting Senpai, Ayano managed to find many ways to use the skirt and began wearing it on the first day the player gains control of her.[60]

Jokichi Yudasei

Main Article: Jokichi Yudasei

Ayano is indifferent to both of her parents.[53] Jokichi loves Ayano despite having suspicions about her but doesn't know her true nature.[57]

In her childhood, Ayano noticed that her father was constantly worried about her and started pretending to be normal[61], as she started to pity him. Afterwards, there was no longer a reason for her father to worry about her.

However, Ayano suspects that her Jokichi had eventually realized she was faking her normality but was keeping it to himself.[62]

Aishi Family

Main Article: Aishi Family

Ayano is only child of Ryoba Aishi and Jokichi Yudasei.[63]

The rest of her family is not very close, since as soon as a family member finds a lover, they do not usually spend time with others. Ayano may not have even met most of her relatives. No one is on bad terms, though.[56]


Main Article: Info-chan

Ayano's only current ally is Info-chan.[64][65] They have a strictly professional client-provider relationship. Ayano works 100% solo, excluding her co-operation with Info-chan.[66] In both intros, it seems that one of them might see their reasons for doing what they're doing as justified, while the other person is just insane. Info-chan's attitude towards or beliefs about Ayano may be affected by the player's actions.[67]

It is possible for Ayano to use Info-chan for basic info on students and to identify rivals without ever giving her any panty shots, meaning that Info-chan may be simply used by her without anything in return, except maybe making Osana suffer. It is a huge spoiler to say what would happen if Ayano didn't take panty shots nor kill students, which would help Info-chan.[68] YandereDev wants it to influence some events near the end of the story.[69]


Main Article: Rivals

The rivals will never know that Ayano exists (aside from Megami Saikou) unless she befriends them. They will never know they have competition.[70] Ayano is fine with eliminating them as long as she gets her obsession, Senpai, in the end.

Ayano seems to believe that she is more worthy of Senpai's love than the rivals because they could never love him as she can, as evidenced from when she saw Osana Najimi.

If Ayano had emotions, she'd probably have a negative opinion about the rivals.


Main Article: Students

Students are witnesses to crimes and acts committed by Ayano. If a student sees Ayano murder too many times, they will see her as a villain that needs to be defeated. They will continue to go to school to attempt to catch her in middle of a crime so that she can finally go to jail.[71] Ayano seemingly doesn't care about fates of students and will get rid of them if they get in her way.

According to YandereDev, Ayano's motivations for befriending students are purely manipulative. She most likely has never had any real friends.[72]

If she were to befriend students in order to appear "normal", Ayano would likely not make friends with popular girls in order to not be noticed by too many people, for if she becomes very popular, students may stalk her in future, complicating act of murdering without witnesses.[73] On the other hand, it would also be optimal for her to refrain from becoming an outcast, so she likely wouldn't make friends with delinquents or outcasts. She would make friends with "in-between": People who aren't popular, aren't bullied and aren't outcasts. In other words, she would become friends with normal, plain students, and/or wallflowers.[74] However, as of the August 15th, 2019 Build, it is now possible to join the delinquents.[75]

It is not possible for students to develop crushes on her.[76] Hypothetically, if someone developed a crush on Ayano, she would not be affected. She would reject them while trying to "stay in character". On outside, she would act like a shy schoolgirl who cannot accept their feelings. On the inside, however, she would think of them as an insect who needs to be swatted.[77]


  • Ayano will eventually share the same base model as other female NPCs.[78]
  • Kirie Motoba from Himouto! Umaru-chan reminds YandereDev of her.[79]
  • Ayano was not meant to resemble Yuno Gasai from Future Diary.[80]
  • There are some people who don't believe that Yandere-chan is a "real" Yandere because of how different she is from other Yanderes. However, there are multiple pieces of evidence suggesting that Ayano has Obsessive Love Disorder, a real-life medical condition which perfectly explains what a Yandere is. Michaela Laws, her voice actress, has discussed this multiple times.[81] [82]
  • Ayano's birthday used to be April 1st[83], but her YandereDev stated it should be March 31st, as that was when the game was "conceived".[84] This makes Ayano an Aries.
  • She has a similar personality to Kuu Dere, Homu Kurusu and Geiju Tsuka.
  • Ayano has never sung a song outside of school anthems.[85]
  • Before she met Senpai, Ayano only ate to avoid an emaciated appearance. However, after she met him, she experienced a heightened sense of taste.[39]
  • Ayano has no preferred tastes regarding food, but if she was asked to name her "favorite" food, she would name Senpai's favorite food, because any food that brings Senpai happiness is the food she appreciates.[41]
    • On that note, Ayano's favorite color is the color that Senpai enjoys the most. However, her signature color is black.[42]
  • Ayano would most likely never become a club leader.[86]
  • Ayano would most likely never deface the Confession Tree, as she would love to confess to Senpai underneath it one day.[45]
  • As of the April 30th, 2019 build, YandereDev implemented hallucinations if her sanity is at a low enough level.
  • YandereDev has imagined that there are very few circumstances where Ayano might be murdered, but chances are very slim.[87]
  • After meeting Senpai and finding something to protect, she may play Hitman as a "virtual training tool."[24]
  • YandereDev thinks that if she had a time machine, she'd go back to her first year and try romancing Senpai 'normally', fixing any mistakes she made.[88]

    Ayano in Crush Crush.

  • If Taeko Yamada is chosen instead of Taro, Ayano's gender won't change.
  • Ayano would not sacrifice Senpai if it was between him and her parents.[89]
  • If Ayano and Senpai grew old and Senpai died first, Ayano would kill herself.[90]
  • If Ayano had a pet and learned that Senpai was allergic to it, she would kill it immediately.[91]
  • In June 2016, YandereDev pitched the idea of adding Yakuza-style hand-to-hand combat with the rivals in the future and final game, but the idea was scrapped.
  • YandereDev thinks she should eventually be able to swim and drown students in the swimming pool.[92]
  • There may be differences between Ayato Aishi's and Ayano's characterizations. Ayato would be characterized as sadistic and possessive. His life would be given meaning through his obsession with Senpai. Ayato would view eliminating his rivals as a game, with each rival being an enemy that must be eliminated.[93]
  • Ayano appears as a guest character in the game Crush Crush.
  • Ayano appears as a guest fighter in the indie fighting platform game Go All Out! she's also the first third-party female character to be in this game.
  • Ayano/Yandere-chan appears as an event character in the mobile game Project QT.

    Yandere-Chan in Project QT.

  • On June 1, 2017, her voice actress, Michaela Laws, was featured in a heavy metal song by XanduIsBored [94] called Resentment [95], which is about Yandere Simulator, specifically about Ayano herself and how she'll kill anyone who she sees as a "threat" to Senpai.


Something is... ...wrong... ...with me. For as long as I can remember, I've always felt...empty. Incomplete. Like a part of me is...missing. This hollow feeling has dominated my life. I've never been able to feel anything else. My world has always been cold...dark...silent. My mother was exactly like me when she was a child. But when she met my father, everything changed for her. He brought warmth and color and life into her world. He made her...complete. She told me that, one day, I'd meet someone special, just like she did. Someone who would cure me...fix me...save me. I've spent my entire life waiting for that day... ...dreaming of the moment when I'd meet the person who would complete me. It was the only thing for me to look forward to. It was my only reason to live. And then...one day... ...I found him. When I met him, something changed inside of me. My world was filled with colors and light. It was like I had opened my eyes for the first time. I felt warm. I felt complete. I felt...alive. He is my escape from the cold, grey, empty world I've been trapped in. He is the one I've been waiting for... The person I want to spent the rest of my life with. But... ...someone...is trying to take him from me. She wants him, but not in the same way that I want him. She could never appreciate him the way I do. She doesn't deserve him. He belongs to me. I have to stop her. Even if it means hurting her. Even if it means killing her. There is nothing I won't do for him. I won't let anyone come between us. I don't care what I have to do. I don't care who I have to hurt. I don't care whose blood I have to spill. I won't let anyone take him from me. Nothing else matters. No one else matters. He will be mine. He doesn't have a choice.
— Ayano's monologue in the current intro cutscene.
Do I know you?

Do you have a problem with that?

The myth that if you confess your love to someone underneath that tree on a Friday, they are guaranteed to accept your confession?

Why are you telling me this?

Who are you?

I have heard rumors about you. You blackmail girls and sell panty shots to boys. Nobody knows your real name.

You're disgusting.

— Ayano's cellphone conversation with Info-chan (Before June 1st, 2020 Build).
I can't feel anything.
I've never been able to feel emotions.
I pretend to be normal when I'm around other people, but on the inside, I feel nothing.
It's not as bad as it may sound.
I know that I'm broken, but I don't care.
This is normal for me.
But everything changed when I met him... ...my Senpai.
For the first time, I felt something.
A strong desire.
A longing.
A yearning.
A craving.
Now I finally understand what it means to be human.
To be alive.
I'm addicted to the way he makes me feel.
I don't care about anything else.
He is everything to me.
And now, someone is trying to take him from me.
He belongs to me alone.
She has taught me a new emotion...Rage.
I want to stop her.
I want to hurt her.
I want to kill her.
There is nothing I won't do for Senpai.
Senpai will be mine.
— Ayano's quotes from the former intro cutscene, that don't appear in the current intro.
...N-... N-no... W-wait...
— When Senpai catches Ayano doing something suspicious.
I can never face my Senpai again.../I can never face him...again...
— If Ayano is caught standing too close to Senpai 5 times.
Senpai noticed me... at the worst time.../I ruined...everything...
— After Senpai sees Ayano visibly armed.
I shouldn't have let him see me like that.../He saw me at...my worst...
— After Senpai sees Ayano covered in blood.
Now he knows what I'm really like.../He knows the truth about me...
— After Senpai sees Ayano looking visibly insane.
Now Senpai could never love me.../He could never love me...
— After Senpai catches Ayano murdering someone.
There's no way he could ever forgive me for that.../I just lost my chance...
— After Senpai sees Ayano taking panty shots.
How could this happen...?
— Unused Ayano's voiceline after getting a game over.
They're all gone, Senpai.
I got rid of them...so the two of us could be alone together.
I want you all for myself, Senpai. I don't want anyone to come between us. So...I killed them all.
I'm serious, Senpai. In fact...let me show you just how serious I am.
— Ayano in the genocide ending.
Do it.
— Telling a mind-broken student to murder a student.
Ugh...the disc is scratched.
— After playing through Yanvania: Senpai of the Night.
Good show! You have insulted a lady, I ought to take off my belt and thrash you within an inch of your life, sir! Fiddlesticks! Balderdash! Old chap! Pip-Pip! Tea and crumpets! Oh bother...Spiffing! Ta-ta! I say! Jolly good! Wot wot? Shenanigans! Cheerio~! Tallyho! There's a good fellow! Scallywag!
— Phrases Ayano says while wearing the top hat and monocle Easter Egg.
Murders? What murders, officer? Oh, THOSE murders! Sorry, I don't know anything about any murders. I'm not a murderer or anything. I'm not well versed in murder at all! All I know is that I'm not capable of such things! Why would you ask me if I knew anything about those murders? I'm an innocent school girl! School girls can't be murderers, I just want to go to school and learn things, like every other school girl! Who has time for murdering people anyway? We have to study for exams! Murdering people would only waste precious time, especially for us school girls! Are you insinuating that girls like me can be murderers? How terrible!
— Ayano at the end of "Fingerprints, Gloves, Framing in Yandere Simulator".
Yes. I heard you talking with Saki. I want to help you with your problem. What is your father doing to you?
Then what does he do when he gets drunk?
Your father is in debt?
Loan sharks...
What's the name of the business that your father borrowed money from?
I'm going to get your father out of debt.
You'd be surprised.
You're welcome.
— Ayano's conversation with Kokona on the rooftop.
Watch this video.
I haven't harmed her...
If you ever want to see her again, you must do as I say.
Free all of your clients from debt.
For every day that your clients remain in debt, I'll remove one of your daughter's fingers. If you want her back in one piece, you must act immediately.
Good decision.
— Ayano's text conversation with Musume Ronshaku's father.
I can't tell you.
You're welcome.
There is one thing I'd like to ask you for.
Please meet me at my house tomorrow, before school begins. I have something important to tell you.
— Ayano's text conversation with Kokona.
I manage.
Yes. It's about the boy from class 3-2. The boy you have a crush on.
...I...I have feelings..for him...I've never felt this way about anyone before...and I can't bear the thought of seeing him...with anyone else...I know that this is a selfish request...but...please...don't take him away from me. Let me try to win his heart.
Thank you!
Don't worry...I will!
— Ayano's conversation with Kokona at her house.
I'm sorry to call you here like this, but...I can't stay silent any longer. I know who's responsible for what you've been going through. Please, take a look at this photograph.
This is the person who spread rumors about you and ruined your reputation. I'm afraid that they aren't going to stop until they've destroyed your life.
— Ayano's conversation with Horuda if she offers her help.
I understand what I've done wrong, and I sincerely regret my actions. I'll be sure to never act in such a manner ever again.
— When Ayano apologizes about suspicious activity.
A car...hit a stray animal in the middle of the street, and...the blood... splashed on me.
— When Ayano lies about being caught covered in blood.
This isn't blood - it's red paint. I accidentally spilled some paint on myself, and I was just on my way to wash it off.
— When Ayano uses an excuse about being caught covered in blood.
The delinquents did this to me...
— When Ayano blames the delinquents about being caught covered in blood.
I found something dangerous just lying on the ground, so I was bringing it to a teacher to report it.
— When Ayano uses an excuse about being caught carrying a weapon.
I feel nervous with the delinquents at school...I feel like I need to carry a weapon so I can defend myself if they try to attack me...
— When Ayano blames the delinquents about being caught carrying a weapon.
Someone... ran up to me, and... put this in my hand. I, uh... didn't see their face.
— When Ayano lies about being caught carrying a weapon.
I wanted to liven up the mood so I tried to put on a funny little act...It - *sigh* - I was only joking around...it was a joke...
— When Ayano uses an excuse about being caught visibly insane/laughing insanely/carrying a cleaning object.
I'm afraid of the delinquents...I'm trying to get a reputation as a dangerous person, so that they'll leave me alone.
— When Ayano blames the delinquents about being caught visibly insane/laughing insanely/carrying a cleaning object.
Oh. Where am I? How did I get here? I guess I must have amnesia.
— When Ayano lies about being caught visibly insane/laughing insanely/carrying a cleaning object.
I actually had a reason to be there, but I'm really shy, so I get nervous in situations like that. I froze up and couldn't speak. I didn't wanted to cause trouble. I'm sorry.
— When Ayano uses an excuse about being caught trespassing.
Whenever I see the delinquents, I want to run and hide somewhere safe...even if it means going someplace where I'm not supposed to be.
— When Ayano blames the delinquents about being caught trespassing.
I have a piece of paper from the Headmaster that says I'm allowed to go anywhere I want. I just...didn't bring it to school with me today.
— When Ayano lies about being caught trespassing.
It's not what you think. I was aiming my phone to something else entirely, I think it looked suspicious from a certain angle.
— When Ayano uses an excuse about being caught taking panty shots.
I'm intentionally trying to give myself a bad reputation. If the delinquents think I'm a dangerous freak, they might stay away from me.
— When Ayano blames the delinquents about being caught taking panty shots.
A bird... flew underneath the girl's skirt. It was such a rare event. I just wanted to take a picture of it.
— When Ayano lies about being caught taking panty shots.
I wasn't actually planning to steal it. I just wanted to look it closer for a moment. That was all I was doing.
— When Ayano uses an excuse about being caught stealing.
If I can give myself a reputation as a delinquent, the other delinquents might see me as one of their own...and then, they won't give me any trouble. That's my plan.
— When Ayano blames the delinquents about being caught stealing.
I wasn't stealing. I was borrowing. I was going to return it eventually. I just, don't know why I should ask permission for something so trivial.
— When Ayano lies about being caught stealing.
I don't have time for this. You have absolutely no idea who I am, or what I'm capable of doing. Let me out of here now, before you get hurt.
— When Ayano threatens the guidance counselor.
I got myself in trouble because... I wanted to get sent to your office. To be honest... I can't stop thinking about you. I think the two of us could make sweet music together.
— When Ayano flirts with the guidance counselor.
It's okay...I guess...
— After winning Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki game.
Yes. I heard you talking with your friend. I know that you have a stalker, and I know that he's blackmailing you.
Then...why don't you call the police?
What? Who is being held hostage?
Has he given you has address?
Tell me where he lives.
I'm going to rescue your cat.
So am I.
Just hand over the address and let me handle it.
Thank you.
Don't worry. Leave it to me.
— Ayano's conversation with Osana on the rooftop.
I need to return your cat...and, I need to have an important discussion with you. But, it's too late at night right now. Please meet me at my house before school tomorrow.
— Ayano's text conversation with Osana.
I manage.
The tea is ready.
I'll be right back.
Feel free to keep talking.
Here's your tea.
It's about the boy from class 3-2.
The boy...you have a crush on.
If that's true...
...then, you wouldn't mind if I confessed my love to him, would you?
Deep feelings...
I've never felt this way about anyone before...
...and I can't bear the thought of seeing him with anyone else.
I know that you love him...
...and I know that this is a selfish request...
...don't take him away from me.
Let me try to win his heart.
Thank you!
Don't worry...I will.
— Ayano's conversation with Osana at her house.
What is this, exactly? Are you threatening to expose me?
— Ayano been threatened by Info-chan on Sunday conversation (If Osana was eliminated in a lethal way).
Disappointed? Were you hoping to see something more violent?
— Ayano and Info-chan's conversation on Sunday (If Osana was eliminated in a non-lethal way).
Who is she?
Stop playing games. Get to the point.
Is that really what this is all about? You just want to see girls suffer?
He already belongs to me.
He just doesn't know it yet.
— Ayano been warned by Info-chan about her new rival (Amai Odayaka).

Yandere No Sutoka

Can you dodge this, Senpai?
— When throwing her knife towards the player.
I know where you're hiding...
— While searching for the player.
Maybe here?
— While searching for the player.
Don't play games with me, Senpai.
— While searching for the player.
Where are you hiding, Senpai?
— While searching for the player.
Yes, Senpai?
— When the player uses the voice recognition.
If I can't have you, no one can...
— When the player gets caught by Ayano.




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