Ayano's Father
Role Ayano Aishi's father
Age Around 18 (1989)
Around 49 (2020)
Persona Unknown
Crush None
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown
Ayano's Father is the husband of Ryoba Aishi and the father of Ayano Aishi.

Note: His name will eventually be revealed in-game. The name won't be spoiled on Twitter.[1]

He will be a character in 1980s Mode as a student attending Akademi High. He and his wife are out of the country for ten weeks in Story Mode[2] because his wife is chasing down The Journalist, as stated in Basement Tape #10.


When Ayano's parents were in Akademi High in the 1980s, her father was Ryoba Aishi's[3] senpai. Ayano's mother killed the Phantom Girl with a knife[4] in the third floor girls' bathroom[5] because the Phantom Girl liked him.

The father has a job related to the game's lore. YandereDev has planned to drop hints about what the job is soon.[6]


He seems to be a normal person. He is never said to love his wife, even after they were married. He lampshades this in Basement Tape 10.


Not much is known about his appearance except that he looks like an adult version of default Senpai.[7]

As seen in the third intro cutscene, he used to have black hair and bangs that covered his left eye.


Ryoba Aishi

Main Article: Ryoba Aishi

Ryoba is devoted to Ayano's father, but he does not truly love Ryoba in return. The father heard about what The Journalist said about his wife. She kidnapped him against his will and held him hostage in her basement. They got married and had one daughter,[8] Ayano Aishi.

Even after having a daughter, the father is still afraid of his wife. For example, when he thinks he has accidentally said something wrong about their extremely quiet daughter, he quickly corrects himself before Ryoba can notice, implying that he still doesn't love her and fears her after all those years.[9]

He and Ryoba have argued over differing opinions towards Ayano's personality; Ryoba was not worried for Ayano, but he was. [10]

Ayano Aishi

Main Article: Ayano Aishi

Ayano feels indifferent to both her parents.[11] The father suspects Ayano to be emotionless or just strange, but he does not know his daughter's true nature.[12] He's also a little creeped out and worries about her, but he still loves his daughter.[13] This is supported in Basement Tape #10, since he is concerned about Ayano living on her own.

Ayano's lack of emotions during childhood eventually led him into depression, and he would start smoking to cope.[10]

Nothing would make him happier than learning that his daughter is a normal girl. [14]

If he sees Ayano trying to romance a female Senpai, he may have a positive reaction, as it would mean seeing the end of the Aishi bloodline, which wouldn't be a negative thing in his eyes.[15] However, he may strongly discourage the relationship. His values come from Japanese society, where homosexual relationships are considered to be a social taboo by many.[16] If Ayano was in a hetero relationship with a male Senpai, the father would worry about the nature of the relationship, and how it began.[17]


  • YandereDev thinks that his family visits occasionally.[18]
  • His favorite color is purple.[19]


— Basement Tape #1. Seeing Ryoba for the first time in her basement.
What's happening? Where am I?
— Basement Tape #1. The father after waking up in Ryoba's basement.
What are you talking abou - huh? What is this?! Am I tied to a chair?!
— Basement Tape #1. The father waking up in Ryoba's basement.
...aren't you...that girl who's been on the TV lately? What was it...Aishi-san?
— Basement Tape #1. Asking if Ryoba is who he thinks she is.
Oh,'s not true, is it? All those things the journalist said?
— Basement Tape #1. The father realizes the dark nature of Ryoba. Apparently he knows a bit about The Journalist.
I'm sorry, I don't know you well enough to -
— Basement Tape #1. Apologizing because he doesn't know her well enough to call her by name.
R...Ryoba! Ryoba!
— Basement Tape #1. Saying Ryoba's name.
— Basement Tape #1. Confused about Ryoba's reaction.
Wh...what do you want from me? Am I your next victim?
— Basement Tape #1. Asking if he's the next victim.
Protecting...? You mean...all those girls at school...
— Basement Tape #1. Asking about the girl's disappearances.
Love?! But we've never even spoken to each other before!
— Basement Tape #1. The father saying they've never spoken before.
...Ryoba-chan...if you love someone, you shouldn't kidnap them and tie them to a chair!
— Basement Tape #1.
Please...please, let me go. I promise I won't tell the police.
— Basement Tape #1. The father begging to be freed.
— Basement Tape #1. Questioning if he heard Ryoba correctly.
— Basement Tape #10. Being scared by Ryoba's presence.
...I...I...didn't hear you come in...
— Basement Tape #10
Well, you do make a career out of not being seen...
— Basement Tape #10
...well...I suppose you could say that...
— Basement Tape #10
Who are you talking about?
— Basement Tape #10.
That's...actually the last thing I worry about.
— Basement Tape #10, who did you see today?
— Basement Tape #10
Wait - airport?!
— Basement Tape #10
We can't do that! What about our jobs?
— Basement Tape #10
How long will we be gone for?
— Basement Tape #10
What about our daughter? Tomorrow is the first day of high school!
— Basement Tape #10. Showing concern for Ayano.
...I hope not...
— Basement Tape #10
N-nothing, sweetie!
— Basement Tape #10
Uh, shouldn't I pick up the tapes? They're scattered everywhere!
— Basement Tape #10
What if our daughter finds them?
— Basement Tape #10
...huh? It's on... must've hit record...
— Basement Tape #10




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