October 1st, 2017

The Audiovisual Room is a room in Akademi High School.


The room is located on the western wing of the third floor. As of the June 29th, 2016 Build, there was a wooden brown table in the middle of the room, with a turquoise radio on top of it.


HUD of Audiovisual Room. July 25th, 2016.

As of the October 1st, 2017 Build, the room has a blue floor mat, grey walls, black curtains and a large white projection screen with a projector on the ceiling. There are two whiteboards and the front of the room and three rows of desks with Saikou laptops at each desk. At the back of the room, there is a bookcase with a turquoise radio on top of it.


Currently, the only use of this room is to provide the player with the Radio and the Power Strip.


  • The room was renamed from "Audio/Video Room" to "Audiovisual Room" in the July 12th, 2016 Build.
    • However, the HUD still displays it as the "Audio/Video Room".
  • YandereDev stated that this room will be a functioning Computer Lab in the future [citation needed].