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Asu Rito

Student Info
Role Rival

President of the Sports Club (Swimming Team)

Class 2-2
Club Sports (Swimming Team)
Persona Lovestruck[1]
Crush Senpai
Strength Incapable[2]
Appears Week 5
Voice Dawn M. Bennett

Asu Rito is the fifth upcoming rival and a female student who will attend Akademi in Yandere Simulator.[3]

She is the leader of the Sports Club.


Asu has short blonde hair with a small ahoge and sky blue eyes. She wears black and yellow shorts under her skirt and black wristbands with horizontal yellow stripes. She has tanned skin and wears yellow swimming goggles. She has a black and yellow jacket tied around her waist and wears the "Red Armband of Leadership" with a person swimming on it on her left arm.


"Asu is the president of the school's sports club. She's the top student-athlete in the region, and many of her classmates predict that she'll be winning gold medals at the Olympics in a few years.

She won't actually appear at school until the fifth week of gameplay, but she will quickly make friends with Senpai. Senpai will be feeling drained after the last four weeks, and some exercise might be just what he needs to put his mind off of recent events.

Her cheerful and energetic nature makes it very easy for her to make friends - or find her way into someone's heart. Her easy going attitude and glowing smile might steal Senpai's heart in no time at all..."[4]


According to YandereDev, "She's perpetually positive and energetic." She could be described as a "Genki Girl".[3]

She has a competitive nature which drives her to achieve the best scores, leading her to have the third best test scores among the rivals.[5]


Asu's default reputation is +67.

Asu's reputation graph.

Liked: 100

Respected: 100

Feared: 0


Though it is unknown at the moment, YandereDev has said that her routine will put her in close proximity to Senpai and other students, like her fellow club members.[6] During Asu's week, which is Week 5, there will be a sports festival, involving several different activities.


The topics Asu feels Negative/Positive/Neutral towards are as follows:


  • Video Games
  • Anime
  • Cosplay
  • Reading
  • Solitude


  • Music
  • Martial Arts
  • Sports
  • Friends
  • Nature


  • Everything else.



As she will be a rival in the future, she will have a crush on Senpai.

If she entered a relationship with Senpai, he would become an athlete.[7]


In the future, Ayano can matchmake Asu with her suitor, an unknown male student.

Osoro Shidesu

Main Article: Osoro Shidesu

Asu knows nothing about Osoro, other than that she's a scary delinquent who allegedly beat up a number of people.[8]


  • Her name is a play on the word "Athlete" when transcribed into Japanese Katakana: Asurito (アスリート)
    • There's also a Japanese name "Asu" (明日), which means "Tomorrow".[9]
  • Her name was mentioned in 2015 by YandereDev as a possible name.[10]
  • YandereDev's current reasoning for her being absent in the first 4 weeks of school is that she was training for the Olympics at a specialized institution.[11]
  • Originally, she may have been planned to be the fourth rival instead of the fifth, as in the original rival silhouettes she was placed fourth.
  • Swimming is her favorite sport.[12]
  • If YandereDev had to replace a rival, he would pick her.[13]
  • She is the only member of the Sports Club to be a girl.
  • In his Q&A, YandereDev stated that she will not have any self-defense capabilities, but she will have shorter reaction times, quicker reflexes, and will sprint faster than any other character - these factors will be part of the reason that she won't be easy to eliminate. [1]


Nobody in the sports club EVER turns down a challenge! Come on! Let's get started right away! ...Senpai...would you like to go for a run together...?...you know...just the two of us...?
— Asu in "Yandere Simulator Rival Introduction Video". [14]
Alternate version.
Oh! Gosh! That's really nice of you! Thanks, I appreciate it! ...would you like to...go for a run sometime?
— Hypothetical dialogue of Asu reacting to someone giving her a flower.[15]