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Amai Odayaka

Student Info
Role Rival

President of the Cooking Club

Class 2-2
Club Cooking
Persona Lovestruck
Crush Senpai
Strength Very Weak
Appears Week 2
Voice Kimberley Anne Campbell

Amai Odayaka is the second upcoming rival and one of the female students who will attend Akademi in Yandere Simulator[1].


Amai has light brown, slightly wavy shoulder-length hair, pulled back by a light mint green kerchief and mint green eyes. She has a light mint green apron with a front pocket, along with white striped stockings of the same color. She wears the "Red Armband of Leadership" with a resemblance of a cupcake on her left arm.


"Amai is the president of the school's cooking club. Her culinary skills are far beyond her age, and nothing makes her happier than seeing people enjoy the food that she has prepared.

Amai will be absent from school during the first week of gameplay, but she will meet Senpai immediately after the events of Week 1, at a point in time when Senpai is feeling sad and vulnerable. She will quickly forge a bond with him, during a point in time when Senpai deeply needs a new friend.

With her kind and caring nature, it's easy to see how Senpai could easily fall for her within a week's time. If nobody stands in her way, Senpai will belong to her in no time at all. Remember: the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach!"[2]


YandereDev imagines her as a "warm, gentle and kind-hearted girl". Amai is somewhat of a "big sister" or "onee-chan" type of character.[1]

Amai tries to focus on the positives rather than the negatives in people. As a result, most of her thoughts are positive and related to food.[3]

In unfamiliar situations, she can be shy.[4]


Amai's default reputation is +67.

Amai's reputation graph.

Liked: 100

Respected: 100

Feared: 0


Though it is unknown at the moment, YandereDev has said that her routine will put her in close proximity to Senpai or other students.[5] As shown in the "Amai Challenge", there will be a bake sale during her week, where she will spend most of her time behind a table set up in the plaza, surrounded by the other members of the Cooking Club. In this time, the player cannot speak to her, and she will be surrounded by various people, making it difficult to eliminate her.


The topics towards Amai are (Negative/Positive/Neutral) as follows:


  • Occult
  • Video Games
  • Anime
  • Violence
  • Gossip


  • Cooking
  • Art
  • Gardening
  • Cats
  • School


  • Everything else.


Taro Yamada

Main Article: Senpai

On the Saturday of Week 1, Amai was heading to the Odayaka bakery when she noticed that Senpai was feeling sad and alone on a bench at the bus stop. Showing concern for him, Amai asks Senpai to tell her what was wrong. Senpai tells Amai that his childhood friend had died, disappeared, been arrested for murder, been expelled, committed suicide, stopped attending Akademi, was rejected by him, already had a boyfriend, or didn't seem interested to spend time with him anymore, depending on the player's actions.

Amai offers Senpai a cupcake as compensation, which he graciously accepts and enjoys. Amai, still concerned for Senpai, offers to take him to her family's bakery. At first, Senpai refuses due to not wanting to bother her, but goes thanks to Amai's insisting. At the Odayaka bakery, Amai continues to comfort Senpai, talking to him and making him laugh. This interaction initiates the start of their bond.

Like all rivals, Amai has a crush on Senpai and will confess her feelings to him on the Friday of Week 2.

If Taro entered a relationship with her, she would convince him to join the Cooking Club.[6]


Main Article: Suitors

In the future, Ayano can matchmake Amai with her suitor.

Her Mother

Main article: Amai's Mother

Amai loves her mother and helps her out at her little bakery.[7] The bakery is present in Buraza Town. When you go to town, you can see the bakery behind you.

Shoku Tsuburaya

Main article: Shoku Tsuburaya

Amai fully trusts Shoku Tsuburaya to run the cooking club while she is absent.


Main article: Info-chan During Amai's introduction cut scene, Info-chan tells Ayano to make Amai suffer, exactly like she told Ayano to make Osana suffer. Her reasoning for doing this is unknown. However, it suggests that perhaps Info-chan just wants to see the students, Amai and Osana included, suffer.

Cooking Club

Main Article: Cooking Club

She is the leader of the Cooking Club, and, like other club leaders, will allow the player to join the club if the player talks to her. If she dies, or less than five members of the club remain, the club will shut down. Any club members who witness the player's crimes will report to her, and Ayano will be either kicked out or be unable to join the club. In the future, if the club has disbanded before her designated week arrives, there will be a short cutscene in which she expresses some very sad feelings.[8]

The Amai Challenge

Once the player has completed the demo, there will be a button prompt at the bottom of the calendar screen for "The Amai Challenge". The goal is to kill Amai and dispose of her corpse without alarming any other students. Even though there is no reward, this challenge offers a glimpse into Week 2, allowing us to see how she will be different from Osana.

This is how the Amai Challenge works:

  1. Amai and the other members of the Cooking Club stand in the school plaza, operating a bake sale.
  2. Students walk into the plaza to check out the bake sale at regular time intervals.
  3. Many students’ routines have been adjusted. Students now stand around the school’s entrance, the plaza entrances, and the rear entrance near the incinerator.
  4. The incinerator is out-of-order.[1]
  5. You will not be able to talk to Amai.


  • Shoku Tsuburaya will fulfill her role in the Cooking Club until she is implemented.
  • Her name is a play on the words "甘い" (amai; sweet) and "おだやか" (odayaka; gentle, calm).
    • Druelbozo said on one of his Twitch streams that the president's name was Japanese for "sweet muffin". This would have been "Amai Mafin".
    • When asked if the name was serious or not, Druelbozo stated "Amai Mafin" is her real name and should be taken seriously".[9]
    • This ended up being false as, as of the 28th of September, 2016, her official name was revealed to being "Amai Odayaka," staying true to only the "Amai" part.
    • Druelbozo later stated that he was originally joking when he said her name was Amai Mafin but was glad that YandereDev kept the "Amai" part.[10]
    • There's also a Japanese name "Amai" (亜舞), which consist of kanji 亜 (a) meaning "sub-", "second" or "Asia" and 舞 (mai) meaning "dance".[11]
  • YandereDev's current reasoning for her absence for the first week of school is that she was sick.[12]
  • If she and Uekiya ever interacted, it would be humorous.[13]
  • If Akane was part of the cooking club, they would get along.[14]
  • Her storyline involves her family's bakery.[15]
    • Currently, it is not planned to be accessible for visits.[15]
    • She tends to mainly cook Western food, although she appreciates Japanese cuisine too.
  • An illustration of her can be seen in the Bakery.
  • In December 22nd, 2020 build, it was possible to talk with her during her Challenge.
  • Amai's in-game portrait and her portrait in the game files are different.


Senpai, you're just in time! I baked cookies! Would you like some? Y-You know Senpai...I wouldn't mind cooking for you...every day...
— Amai in "Yandere Simulator Rival Introduction Video" [16]
Senpai, you're just in time! I made cookies! Would you like some? You know Senpai...I wouldn't mind cooking for you...everyday from now on.
— Alternate Amai line for the "Rival Introduction Video".
Oh, my! That's so sweet of you! Thank you, dear! I'll treasure it!
— Hypothetical dialogue of Amai reacting to someone giving her a flower.[17]
Um...excuse me...
I couldn't help but notice that you seem quite sad about something. Would you...like to talk about it?
Oh! I'm sorry! My name is Amai Odayaka. We go to the same school.
I'm sorry if it's strange that I approached you so suddenly. When I see a sad face, I can't help but try to make things better.
So, what's wrong?
O-oh...I...I'm so sorry to hear about that...I...I can't imagine what that must be like...
Hey...it's not much, but...maybe this will take your mind off of it for a moment?
Go ahead, take one!
Of course! Nobody makes better pastries than my mom and dad!
Actually, I'm heading to my parents' bakery right now. Would you like to come with me? It'll take your mind off things for a while!
It wouldn't be a bother at all! If I just leave you here, I'll worry about you!
Then let's get going!
— Amai talking to Senpai on Saturday.
If I may interject for a moment...the Cooking Club doesn't require much of a budget this month. We can cook using refrigerated foods instead of perishables this month. Just $20, and we'd be set.
— Hypothetical dialogue of Amai during a club leader meeting.[18]




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