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Akademi viewed from above, March 30th, 2021.

Akademi is a prestigious post-highschool academy (former high school in early builds) that simulates the feeling of a highschool environment for people who prefer a highschool atmosphere over a college atmosphere. Ayano Aishi, Senpai, the ten rivals and the other students, currently attend. Along with the Aishi house and Buraza town, it is the main setting for Yandere Simulator.

The school and town will be separated by a winding trail surrounded by trees so that when Ayano is in school, she will not be able to see the town. This is to keep the framerate up, as the town will then not have to be rendered.[1]

Akademi is a very famous, being synonymous with Harvard or Yale within the in-game universe.[2] Students must be eighteen to enroll in the academy, and it is marketed to high school graduates as a place to continue their education in a school-like setting and environment. Upon joining the academy, a student can decide whether to join as a first, second, or a third year student.

Every student will wear the default school uniform unless customized by the player.

The school size is 145×192.[3]

Facts about Akademi

School Anthem

A picture of the School Anthem, as shown on Twitter.

Akademi Kaobook Page

Main Article: Kaobook

The player can access Akademi's social media page. Here Ayano can write and read messages, and spread rumors about students. Currently, you can only spread rumours about Osana's cringey fanfiction after buying her embarrassing secret from Info-chan.

July 30th, 2017.

The symbol in the center of the pink flower is saikou (最高), which means "best". With the arrows pointing in many directions, logo means "the best in all ways" or "the best at everything".[4] Currently, this logo can only be seen on the Akademi's front gate and social media page.


Main Building (Indoor)

Located on Every Floor

Main Article: Bathrooms

There are bathrooms in the eastern and western wings of every floor of the school. Students clean the toilets during cleaning time, and will randomly use the bathrooms in the future. The toilet stalls can be used to hide corpses, to drown students, and to eliminate your current rival. During Cleaning Time, the Bullies gossip in the Third Floor Girl's Bathroom beside Class 3-1.

A female bathroom.

Main Article: Classrooms

Each classroom has fifteen desks and two doors: one at the back of the room and one next to the teacher's desk. Currently, all of the classrooms look the same, and there are six in total. Ayano can go to her classroom to distribute study points in the morning and after lunch. If Ayano is caught multiple times in the wrong classroom during class, she will be sent to the Guidance Counselor.

Classroom 15.11.png
Storage Rooms
Main Article: Storage Rooms

There are multiple storage rooms. Six of them are found across the school. The members of the Science Club will make regular trips to the closets to collect supplies. The storage room on the east side of the first floor holds various Easter Eggs. Some of the storage rooms contain important tools and weapons.

New Storage Room, as of the June 1st Build, 2020 Build.

Fire Extinguishers
Main Article: Fire Extinguishers

There are three fire extinguishers in total, each located near a bathroom in the west wing. They are used as bludgeoning weapons.[5]

The Fire Extinguisher, on the First Floor. June 15th, 2020 Build.

Ground Floor

Cooking Club
Main Article: Cooking Club

Students in the Cooking Club will use this room after school to prepare and eat food. When part of the club, Ayano can make food for other students to increase her reputation. A knife can be found here. In 202X Mode, Shoku Tsuburaya is the substitute leader of the club, replacing Amai Odayaka until Week 2 of gameplay.

Cooking Club.

Counselor's Office
Main Article: Counselor's Office

This is where the Guidance Counselor can be found at all times. The player can report their rival to the counselor once a day in order to get them expelled. The player can also get sent to the counselor's office by misbehaving in front of Teachers and the Student Council. Unlike other rooms in the school, you can't walk around freely in the Counselor's Office, and are instead limited to sitting in a chair and selecting options from a menu.

The Counselor's Office.

Drama Club
Main Article: Drama Club

Members of the Drama Club meet here in the morning before going to the backstage area of the school's gymnasium. If a memorial service has taken place, the Drama Club will spend their morning in their clubroom. There are six masks on the wall behind the set, which are used to hide Ayano's identity. There is a table in the corner with gloves that Ayano can use to frame students and rivals for murder. The Magical Girl Wand, the Fantasy Sword, and the Sword are also found here. The substitute club leader is Tsuruzo Yamazaki, standing in for Kizana Sunobu until the third week of gameplay. There are plenty of interesting props here, such as a box full of items that reference the game Doki Doki Literature Club.

Drama Club.

Faculty Room
Main article: Faculty Room

The faculty room is where teachers will work before and after school, as well as during lunch time. Kyoshi Taiso will patrol the faculty room during class time. There are several desks with books, papers, and bookshelves, and Ayano can steal an answer sheet from one of the desks as part of a scheme from Info-chan to get the current rival expelled, or to give to one of the delinquents as part of a task to befriend them.

The Faculty Room. June 29th, 2016.

Main Article: Fountain

The fountain is located in the middle of the plaza in the school, surrounded by benches, shrubs, and cherry trees. The player can drown a student in the fountain, or meet a rival there as part of the Befriend/Betray elimination. It is the place where Senpai sits and reads before and after school.

The Fountain, June 15th 2020.

Home Economics Room
Main Article: Home Economics Room

The Home Economics room contains a washing machine used for getting blood off of all clothing, such as the raincoat, gloves, masks, school uniforms, gym uniforms, and swimsuits. it is also the room where you can find the garbage bags.

Home Economics Room.

Main Article: Infirmary

In 202X Mode, the infirmary is where Nasu Kankoshi is located. She is replaced by Muja Kina during Week 6. There are several beds, tables, cabinets, chairs, a couch, a desk, and various different bottles of medicine. A syringe and tranquilizer are located here for kidnapping. The syringe must be stolen, and the tranquilizer may be obtained with the help of a lockpick, or by slipping a student headache poison - the nurse will open the medicine cabinet to retrieve some painkillers for them, giving an opportunity to steal the tranquilizer. Students that have been given sedatives will rest here, and the player can rest here as well if they've been beaten up by a delinquent. Otohiko Meichi will also rest here every day before class.

One part of the Infirmary.

Locker Room
Main Article: Locker Room

The locker room is where students go before and after school to swap their outdoor shoes for their indoor shoes, and vice versa.[6]Ayano can leave notes in lockers to arrange a meeting if certain requirements are met.

Meeting Room
Main Article: Meeting Room

Most club leaders and their substitutes gather here with the Student Council to have weekly meetings at 3:30 PM on Friday. In the future, the room will be used for weekly meetings between faculty too.

Meeting Room.

Occult Club
Main Article: Occult Club

The students in the Occult Club use this room before and after school, and Ayano will be able to partake in this club's activities and meetings if she becomes a member. The substitute club leader is Shin Higaku, standing in for Oka Ruto until the fourth week of gameplay. The ritual knife is located in a crack in the skull on the stone altar in this room. If Ayano kills a student with the ritual knife and places it back in the skull, she will activate the Demonic Ritual and will be able to commune with various demons. The pentagram on the floor is also the activation site of several different rituals.

The Occult Club

Main Article: Plaza

The plaza is located in the center of the school's main building. Senpai goes here to read a book before class starts. In 202X Mode, Kyuji Konagawa leans against a tree. Musume Ronshaku patrols around the plaza with her phone out, making it harder to commit crimes here.

The Plaza, June 15th 2020.

Sewing Room
Main Article: Sewing Room

This is a classroom that is currently only used by Hazu Kashibuchi. He will sit at a sewing machine before classes. After Ayano completes his task, she can speak to him while he is here to obtain a new uniform once a day without spending money or asking Info-chan. Ayano can also alter a uniform to complete Kokona Haruka's task. [7] In the future, this room might be used for sewing lessons.

Sewing Room.

Second Floor

Art Club
Main Article: Art Club

The students in the Art Club will use this room to draw, paint pictures, and create sculptures every day after school. There is a box cutter and a roll of masking tape on top of some cardboard boxes underneath the whiteboard. The Art Club has a changing booth, so the Club members can change into their club uniform. The leader in 202X Mode is Geiju Tsuka.

Art Club.

Main Article: Cafeteria

The cafeteria is an area in the school where students go to eat. This room is located on the second floor in the south wing. Two vending machines that the player can buy drinks from are located at the back of the room, as well as a vending machine full of salty snacks off to the side. A trash can is located in between the two drink machines, which is used to hide large weapons and body parts. Two miniature walls separate two lunch tables, with two benches in between.

The Cafeteria.

Calligraphy Room
Main Article: Calligraphy Room

The Calligraphy Room is currently useless because it hasn't been fully implemented yet. Although this room exists, there will not be a Calligraphy Club.[8] The Calligraphy Room's design got updated to include a floor plan, and is populated with props, such as some beautiful artwork.

The Calligraphy Room

Main Article: Library

The Library is used to increase a suitor's intelligence and to complete the placeholder Tasks. In 202X Mode, Kuu Dere is the librarian and spends all day everyday reading here. The room has not been fully implemented yet.

The Library.

Light Music Club
Main Article: Light Music Club

The students in the Light Music Club will use this room to practice for concerts after school. At the back of the room sit the cello case, mirror, and Mr. Jazzy Feet. In 202X Mode, Miyuji Shan is the leader of the Light Music Club - one of the two female club leaders to not be rivals, the other being Uekiya Engeika, leader of the Gardening Club. Ayano can join the band if she joins the club. The player can also practice a song with the band playing a rhythm game to increase her reputation, with or without joining the Light Music Club.

Light Music Club.

Martial Arts Club
Main Article: Martial Arts Club

The students in the Martial Arts Club use this room before and after school. Ayano will be able to partake in this club's activities and meetings if she joins the club. The current leader is Budo Masuta, with the former leader being Raibaru Fumetsu.

The Martial Arts Club

Science Lab
Main Article: Science Lab

The science lab is where Ayano can find poison to taint a student's food, provided she has allocated enough study points to the Chemistry stat and risen her Chemistry rank to rank 2. The room was previously called the "Chemistry Lab" but there are currently no classes here.

Sociology Classroom
Main Article: Sociology Classroom

The Gaming Club has "taken over" the Sociology Classroom, using it for their own club activities. Club members will use this room after school to play computer games. The player can join the club here and play a computer game that will temporarily boost one of their stats by one level once per day. The current leader is Gema Taku. After completing his task, the bullies will stalk him while he is in here.

Sociology Classroom.

Student Council
Main Article: Student Council

The students in the Student Council use this room for meetings before and after school. The substitute leader is Kuroko Kamenaga, standing in for Megami Saikou until the tenth week of gameplay. If Ayano enters the room, a laptop displaying Megami's shadowed figure will begin to play her monologue, then switch off permanently.

In the Alphabet Killer Challenge, a variety of useful tools can be found here, but they're all optional.

Student Council Room.

Vending Machine
Main Article: Vending Machine

There are vending machines located in the cafeterias and the eating area. Ayano can buy a drink from one to give to Hazu Kashibuchi to complete his task. She can also buy a bag of chips, labelled as a "Salty Snack", to give to any student, except Kenko Sukoyaka, members of the Student Council and the Delinquents. This will cause them to use the nearest drinking fountain, which can be sabotaged by Ayano to electrocute them.

You can also sabotage the vending machine on the right with a screwdriver. This is related to Osana's Expulsion Elimination. The machine will steal Osana's money, causing her to become angry and kick the machine.

The Vending Machines.

Main Article: Workshop

The workshop includes a workbench that can be used to craft or modify items.

The Workshop.

Third Floor

Announcement Room
Main Article: Announcement Room

The Announcement Room is used to delete incriminating security footage if security cameras are present at the school.

The Announcement Room.

Art Room
Main Article: Art Room

There are easels set up around the room, as well as bookshelves and posters. There is also a blackboard on the right wall and a cloth-covered pedestal in the center of the room. In the future, it will be used for classes.[9] This is also the place where you boost a suitor's courage.

Art Room.

Audiovisual Room
Main Article: Audiovisual Room

For now, the only purpose of the Audiovisual Room is to provide a radio for Ayano to use as a distraction, and a power strip that Ayano can use to electrocute a student.

Biology Lab
Main Article: Biology Lab

The use of the Biology Lab is currently unknown, since the room has not been fully implemented yet, but it will be soon.

Biology Lab.

Computer Lab
Main Article: Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is located on the third floor. Ayano can use the cassette player here to listen to cassette tapes. The Gaming Club formerly used it for meetings, but now have taken over the Sociology Classroom.

Computer Lab.

English Classroom
Main article: English Classroom

The use of the English Classroom is currently unknown, as it has not been fully implemented yet.

An English Classroom.

Headmaster's Office
Main Article: Headmaster's Office

The headmaster works here. The Katana is also located here inside of a locked case, which can be opened when you find the key on the right side of the desk. Ayano can retrieve a bottle of sake here to complete Gaku Hikitsuri's task. She can also locate a key on the left side of the desk and open a safe on the left wall to steal the documents inside, but this is only useful during Mission Mode.

You can only perform these actions during lunch time, when the headmaster is away, because at any other times he will be in the office and will tase you if you stand too close to him. Or he will block the items n 1980s Mode

The Headmasters' Office.

Info Club
Main Article: Info Club

The Info Club is a locked room, inhabited during school hours by Info-chan, and is off-limits to everyone else. Ayano cannot enter the room, but can peek through the curtains to watch Info-chan at work.

The Info Club. March 16, 2016.

Newspaper Club

Main Article: Newspaper Club

The Newspaper Club.

This room replaces the Info-Club in 1980s Mode, since Info-Chan didn't exist in this time period. Students in the Newspaper club will write papers for students to read. Occasionally, one of the members will exit the room to find something to write articles about. Ryoba will be able to join this club and partake in club activities. The leader is Jiichiro Takahashi.

Photography Club
Main Article: Photography Club

Students in the Photography Club will use this room after school. Ayano will be able to partake in the club’s activities and meetings if she joins the club. The current leader of the club is Fureddo Jonzu. The Life Note volumes can be found here.

The Photography Club.

Science Club
Main Article: Science Club

Students in the Science Club use this room after school for club activities. The leader in 202X Mode is Kaga Kusha. There are three blowtorches present here, as well as the Science Vacuum that Ayano can use to clean up bloodstains, but only if she joins the club.

During 202X Mode, the player can also find 5 mysterious keys in the Drama, Martial Arts, Art, Photography, and Science clubs, which are located near the wall corners, to activate the Heartbreaker Easter Egg located in the Science club.

Science Club room.


Main Article: Rooftop

The top of Akademi is a place where some students come to hang out during lunch. Ayano can commit fake suicides here and eavesdrop on student's private conversations. Horuda Puresu and a few other students come here when not in class.

The Rooftop, March 26th, 2022


Front Entrance

The main gate is at the front of the school building. During 202X Mode, it is guarded by Kyoshi Taiso when it is not class time. All students enter the school through here, walking together in their respective clubs, with the exception of Otohiko Meichi, who is always late. There's a button that you can press to close the school gate - this can be used to crush Otohiko's head when he trips and falls over at the gate.

The School Front.

Confession Tree

Main Article: Confession Tree

The Confession Tree is the cherry tree that sits on a hill behind the main building of Akademi. This is where a rival confesses their love to Senpai on Friday every week. If Ayano succeeds in eliminating all ten rivals, she will confess her love to Senpai under this tree. If she fails to eliminate a rival, the rival will confess to Senpai here on Friday at 6:00pm, resulting in a Game Over. The hill has a flat surface that students can stand on, such as the Art Club, which comes here after school on Friday during Week 1 to paint pictures of the tree. There's a patch of Red Spider Lilies around the Cherry Tree.

The Mythical Cherry Tree.


Main article: Dumpsters

A dumpster is found at the back of the school next to the incinerator, and Ayano can push students off of the rooftop into it, but only after pushing the dumpster into the right position and opening the lid. Two cassette tapes and a garbage bag can be found here. Ayano can place garbage bags inside the dumpster to cover up the body. Delinquents will guard the dumpster from 7:15 AM to 8:30 AM, and from 1:15 PM to 1:30 PM.

A Dumpster.

Outdoor Cafeteria

Main article: Outdoor Cafeteria

You can leave a note in someone's locker and ask them to meet you here. You are then able to dump water, blood, gasoline or a bucket of weights onto them from the roof. You can also buy a drink from the Vending Machines in order to complete Hazu Kashibuchi's Task. There's also a manhole cover in the center, which can be pried off with a crowbar. Afterwards, the player can use this hole to dump bodies into the sewer.



Main Article: Garden

Students in the Gardening Club use this area for club activities after school. The current leader of the Gardening Club is Uekiya Engeika, who can also be found here before morning classes. A Shovel, Circular Saw, Old Axe, Axe, Wood Chipper, jerry can, and a bucket can all be found in the garden. The garden is decorated with beds of flowers and hedge art.



Main Article: Greenhouse

The greenhouse is located in the back right corner of the garden. It currently has no in-game purpose.

The Greenhouse.


Main Article: Gymnasium

In the future, the gym will be used for Senpai-Rival interaction events, some club activities, and some on-stage performances. A baseball bat and dumbbells can be found in one of the building's storage rooms, but are considered suspicious unless the player is a member of the Sports Club. The gymnasium is also the meeting place for the Sports Club, and the Drama Club uses the stage and backstage area daily to rehearse for an upcoming play. The other storage room in the Gym can also be used for kidnapping female students to use as mind-slaves. The stage is where a memorial service takes place when a student dies and a non-dismembered corpse is found, and you were not arrested for the crime.

Gym interior.

Hedge Maze

Main Article: Hedge Maze

The Hedge Maze is used for Osana Najimi's task - Ayano must retrieve her phone charm from the center of the maze.

In the future, Ayano might eavesdrop on students' private conversations in the Hedge Maze to obtain key information.

In the Amai Challenge in Week 2, if you complete all the cooking club members’ tasks, you can ask them to leave the area, as you have some private business to attend to. The cooking club members who you have asked to leave the school plaza will then go to the hedge maze and go inside, which will allow you to eliminate Amai Odayaka with less complications and possibly no witnesses.

Hedge Maze. February 10th, 2017.


Main Article: Incinerator

The incinerator is a machine that Ayano can use to dispose of evidence and corpses. It is located in the disposal area near the northwest side of the school, to the right of the dumpster. There's also a piece of Scrap Metal stuck in a pile of boxes, which can be used as a weapon. Delinquents will guard the incinerator from 7:15 AM to 8:30 AM, and from 1:15 PM to 1:30 PM.

The Incinerator.

Japanese Gardens

Main Article: Japanese Gardens

The Martial Arts Club will often come to the Japanese Gardens to train.

One garden is located near the incinerator, and the other garden is located near the outdoor cafeteria. YandereDev says that they might be moved to somewhere else/tweaked in future builds.



Main Article: Shed

Located in the garden, a circular saw, an axe, a shovel, a jerry can, and rat poison can be found right here. The player must pickpocket the key from Uekiya Engeika, join the Gardening Club, or use a lockpick to open the door of the shed in order to access the supplies.

The Shed.

Shower Rooms

Main Article: Shower Room

The Shower Rooms and all their contents are in two buildings separate from the rest of the school, one for males and one for females. Students will shower here if their uniforms are ruined, as well as change into their gym uniforms or swimsuits. Ayano can also go here to get a new uniform and to wash the blood off herself. Ayano cannot enter the male Shower Room as of now. The bullies will go here to change into their bikinis so they can sunbathe during lunchtime. On Thursday, Osana and Raibaru will join them, which gives Ayano the chance to eliminate Osana.

Shower Room.

Swimming Pool

Main Article: Swimming Pool

Ayano can drown Osana here using a weight while she is sunbathing.[10] Athletic students also use the pool to swim laps.

During 202X Mode, the Bullies will sunbathe here every day at lunchtime. Osana and Raibaru sunbathe with the bullies on Thursday.

The swimming pool.


Main Article: Track

Students in the Sports Club use this area for their training before school. They will run the track until class starts. The substitute leader is Itachi Zametora, standing in for Asu Rito until the fifth week of gameplay.

The Track

Wood Chipper

Main Article: Wood Chipper

The wood chipper is located in the front right corner of the garden. Ayano is able to dispose of corpses and create a bucket of blood here.

The active wood chipper.

Items Located in School


Main Article: Manga

In the room of the photography club, you can find 5 volumes of manga Life Note. Ayano can read them at night to increase her Numbness Level.

Life Note Volume #1.


Main Article: Tapes

Ten Mysterious Tapes and ten Headmaster's Tapes can be found across the campus. Ayano can collect them and listen to them in the Computer Lab to learn more about the lore of the school.

A tape.


  • When walking or running around, the environment flashes due to certain camera angles.


  • Saisho Saikou orders Akademi being constructed in 1984.
  • Akademi was built by Saisho Saikou in 1985, the founder and former CEO of Saikou Corp for her daughter Ichiko Saikou, the former heiress of Saikou Corp.
  • In the internal game files, Akademi is referred to as SchoolScene.
  • The original layout of the school was based on Yasogami High School from Persona 4.[11]
  • Ayano may be able to call the school to explain that she is "sick" if she misses a day of school because of torturing a student.[12]
  • The reason why there are no security cameras is that the school cares about its reputation. They don't want to create an image of a school where students are in danger, need protection, or surveillance.[13]
  • The police and the media stay away from the school because the headmaster bribes the police as said in Mysterious Tape #2.

Old test environment.

  • There used to be an old test environment that YandereDev later removed in the May 24th, 2015 Build. He said that later in the game there would be better environments.[15]
  • Despite the game using a lot of Japanese themes, signs, and boards in-game will be in English instead of kanji. (Kanji are characters used in the Japanese language.)[16]
  • There's a rival school, but there will be no rivals from there. It will appear in a flashback because a very important character from that school plays a role in the game's backstory.[17]

A different design of Akademi.

  • The original plan for renovating Akademi was to simply use this model. That plan didn't work, so modular pieces were created instead.[18]
  • Akademi was founded in 1986.
  • The name of the school is similar to the Japanese katakana spelling for "academy": Akademī (アカデミー).
  • YandereDev thinks there should be an option for the player to press a button and see a map of the school. However, he won’t prepare something like this until the school is 100% finished. [19]
    • As of the April 18th 2019 Build, a Map of the school can be toggled by pressing the "Spacebar" key on the keyboard, and the "Back" key on an Xbox Controller.
  • The second kanji on the school logo, "高", is sometimes used as an abbreviation of the Japanese word for high school, "高等学校". This may or may not be intentional.
  • YandereDev has stated that his vision of Ayano's school's uniform closely resembled Kotonoha's uniform from School Days. This is now possible thanks to the breakthrough on May 22nd, 2016.[20]
  • After it was suggested to him, YandereDev is considering the idea of the school layout being shaped like the Saikou logo from above.[21]
  • Possibly, there were originally plans to have a baseball field at the school, but the plans were scrapped.[22] In the game, The Basu sisters discuss that and answers why.
  • The Basu sisters discuss mysteries of the academy.


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