AI Mode. June 2nd, 2017.

AI Mode was an Easter Egg Mode in Yandere Simulator.


AI Mode was a reference to Kizuna AI, a Japanese virtual YouTuber. To activate this mode, one had to press Space in the Easter Egg menu. If Space was pressed again, Kizuna's facial expression changed. Once this mode was activated, Ayano's model would be replaced with Kizuna AI's model, a brown-haired girl with a pink and white uniform. This mode could be combined with other modes. This mode couldn't be deactivated unless the game was reset or the day ended.

When activated, an audio clip of Kizuna introducing herself would play.

Hello there. I'm the Virtual YouTuber, Kizuna AI.


As this mode was only cosmetic, it had no effect on gameplay.


  • While crouching, Kizuna's face would be invisible.


  • This mode was implemented in the June 1st, 2017 Build.
  • This mode was hidden and did not appear on the Easter Egg menu.
  • The model used in this mode is available for free on Kizuna AI's official website.
  • This mode has been removed due to copyright.


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